Dirty thoughts💭

Politics is about seeking a sense of security, and protecting our assumptions instead of directly facing towards to them. Politics itself is a contradiction, and always be in this way. What is public services? Is it real?Why do I do what I am doing..? Volunteer? Work at the kitchen at dining common? School? Conducting interview? What's my … Continue reading Dirty thoughts💭

What a good place to capture my stuff!  

picture taken at Puffer's Pond, Amherst, MA5/30/2016 8:11 PM Free my mind rather than "lose"my mind. In case I lose my train of thoughts in the future, I gave birth to this "nest" to "glean" my ideas. Why glean? Because they are not written for academic, and different from conventional journal or essay. I glean … Continue reading What a good place to capture my stuff!