What a good place to capture my stuff!  

picture taken at Puffer’s Pond, Amherst, MA
5/30/2016 8:11 PM

Free my mind rather than “lose”my mind. In case I lose my train of thoughts in the future, I gave birth to this “nest” to “glean” my ideas. Why glean? Because they are not written for academic, and different from conventional journal or essay. I glean my thoughts from my own inner voice. It’s a shared conversation so to unleash the power from within. It really took me a while to actually make this come true in order to record my thoughts before I forget about them. For many reasons it never happens successfully in a consistent way. You might ask how successful is successful, so here I am. Instead of trying to BE successful or to meet anyone’s expectation, I will LET GO all of my cranky ideas that hold on my mind, and to play with them. They might sound disoriented, messy, indigestible to you, plus my imperfect writing skill can drive you nuts.. however my intention here is to BE RAW and speak from the heart: my truth, my experiences and my perspectives. While you might take it a grain of salt and listening from the heart – let go of stories that make it hard to hear each other. Without any framework and rehearse, I would like to show you my world from both internal experiences and real world adventures in a free-floating way. You will “see” what I mean later on. I am happy finally landing at a place to grow and contemplate 🙂

Here are some of my questions and exploratory topics that I’ve captured at the back of my head. Sometimes they come out of nowhere, and could be the time in between walking and smelling the air and nature, or at home trying to figure out what to feed myself for breakfast, or after midnight riding my bicycle breakthrough the darkness on the trail.. Most of the time, they come across outside the context of school or traditional classroom. School sometimes gets too busy to allow me to THINK.

  • A food way is a life way.
  • Welcome to an artificial world with an ABUNDANCE of artificial food!
  • How do you define “artificial” in the context of agribusiness and food industry?
  • Do I eat “food” or meals?
  • Food and creativity vs. Food and innovation
  • Does SMART food make us smart?
  • Why food pattern matters
  • Explore the connections of food, music and art
  • Does food science make “sense”?
  • Why food?
  • Why food is more than self-identity..?
  • What is natural food?
  • Choosing the concept of natural food or natural way of living?

That’s all for today. Again, what a good place to BE!

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