Dirty thoughts💭

  • Politics is about seeking a sense of security, and protecting our assumptions instead of directly facing towards to them. Politics itself is a contradiction, and always be in this way. 
  • What is public services? Is it real?
  • Why do I do what I am doing..? Volunteer? Work at the kitchen at dining common? School? Conducting interview? 
  • What’s my own purpose to be existed in this world?
  • Why am I making assumptions of things I don’t know instead of asking directly? 
  • People are too busy to BE in the moment. But why? We plan, we make schedule, we promise, we worried, we escape, we HOPE. We also blinded ourselves with images, performances…Yuckyyy, so hard to live my own self in a truthful way without getting caught up with my own assumptions, desires, and fears. Be Honest, and Be Brave.
  • Too much information out there. I have to train my mind to be disciplined. And follow my own heart. 
  • I didn’t supposed to criticize politics, but why am I still doing this..? Am I consciously thinking about this, or just because I hold my assumptions too tight? 
  • The word “fear” itself actually explains politics, which is fail to “Listen”. 
picture taken at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
5/18/2017 4:54 PM

北宋 彩绘石雕僧伽和尚像(石灰石)

Monk Sengquie,
Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), late 11-12th century,
Limestone with pigment

“This sculpture is a rare representation of Sengqie (ca. 660–710), a monk from central Asia who founded a temple in Sizhou (modern Liuhuai, Anhui Province), on the south shore of the Huai River. Popularly known as the Monk of Sizhou, he was venerated after his death as an incarnation of Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion. During the Song dynasty, he became a cult figure revered for his power to prevent floods.”

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