A Door to Possibilities

I am so grateful for living in a Dream place where I could create its own unique characters &

Call it a Home

Vision, perspective, efficacy, perception, focus, ability to pivot these important
features, as well as consciousness, are the catalysts of being open-heart, growing resilience and harvesting real joyfulness.

photo by Rose @home, Amherst, MA
11/18/2017 1:52 AM

“Wisdom means knowing the nature of conditions as we’re experiencing them. It is not just being caught up in reacting to and absorbing into the conditions of our bodies and minds out of habit, out of fear, worry, doubt, greed and so on, but it is using that ‘Buddho’, that ‘one who
knows,’ to observe that these conditions are changing.”

— Ajahn Sumedho

photo by Rose @home, Amherst, MA
11/18/2017 2:03 AM

“Taking refuge in the Buddha, in wisdom, means that we have a place of safety. When there is a wisdom, when we act wisely and live wisely, we are truly safe. The conditions around us might change. We can’t guarantee what will happen to the material standard of living… The future remains unknown and mysterious, but in the present, by taking refuge in the Buddha we have that presence of mind now to reflect on and learn from life as we live it.”

— Ajahn Sumedho

photo by Rose @home, Amherst, MA
11/18/2017 1:54 AM

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