Chasing Light

Photo by Rose @Mount. Pollux, Amherst, MA Bits and pieces from Book Chasing Light Michelle Obama Through The Lens of A White House Photo by Rose @Busboys and Poets, Washington D.C. “You just need the courage to reach higher.”- Chapter 3 Reach Higher Photo by Rose @University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA “But I’ve always found … Continue reading Chasing Light

Nothing Personal

Photo by Rose @Maple Farm in Hadley, MA “It is the miracle of love, love strong enough to guide or drive one into the great estate of maturity, or, to put it another way, into the apprehension and acceptance of one’s own identity. For some deep and ineradicable instinct—I believe—causes us to know that … Continue reading Nothing Personal

A Journey To Soul [scrabbling-part 2]

Photo by Rose @NOFA Summer ConferenceUMass Amherst, MA, USA With so much unpredictability in life, the only thing we could control is our own mentalities and attitudes towards the unknown, uncertainties, and emotional turmoils. Perspective matters. Understanding is the key.Trust and love can heal everything, in all circumstances. Time is not the only remedy for … Continue reading A Journey To Soul [scrabbling-part 2]

A Journey To Soul [scrabbling-part 1]

The best way to conquer anxiety is to just act on what you are fearful for and forget about the consequences.Q: What would I do differently if I know the expiration date of my life? A: I will never let my fears defeat my determination to reach to the finish line.Don’t take yourself too seriously. … Continue reading A Journey To Soul [scrabbling-part 1]

Congress and Hunger

“If a social order wishes to minimize the competitive interpersonal conflict likely to be encouraged by a system based on equity, it might emphasize, instead, the values of mutual interdependence and respect. It will do this by accentuating the innate worth and value of all members of the system.“ In cooperative relations in which fostering … Continue reading Congress and Hunger

Breakaway Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway  Grew up in a small townAnd when the rain would fall downI’d just stare out my windowDreaming of what could beAnd if I’d end up happyI would pray Trying hard to reach outBut when I tried to speak outFelt like no one could hear meWanted to belong hereBut something felt … Continue reading Breakaway

Lonely is the Night Lory ( Bonnie ) Bianco - Lonely is the night - My newfound soul-voice singer– Lory (Bonnie) Bianco. (woohoooo!!) Plus, my favorite songs of hers: Bonnie Bianco - Straight From Your Heart BONNIE BIANCO - The heart is a lonely hunter Lory ( Bonnie ) Bianco - If I once fall … Continue reading Lonely is the Night