How to Start 2018?

picture taken in Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA
5/16/2017 4:51 PM

               A self-guided New Years aspiration (NOT resolution*)

>> Be Eternally Thankful for what I have now, not what I wished for or things I do not have

>> Cultivating a greater sense of accountability

>> Embracing fears of push-back, struggles, and loss

>> Focusing on what matters the most at any time in any circumstance

>> Self-improvement through co-evolving partnership/friendship/mentorship

>> Brave (*break*) the cycle of self-criticism through identifying desires, comparisons, imposed public perception, implusivity, competition, stereotype, and internalized mental barriers

>> Believing in myself unconditionally not just to believe in belief itself, but focusing on my heart voice, instincts, and inner RESILIENT.

picture taken at the Old Chapel, Amherst, MA

>> Be aware of how I form beliefs or accepted them in what way and why

>> Maintaining and Elevating Energy Balance

>> HOPE in Action; Thinking Out Loud. Stay Positive!

>> Visualizing Time Flow by highlighting people, places, and new discovery each day on my planner &Journal 🙂

>> Celebrating Success and Learn to Reward myself with Grace and Gratitude <3

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