Hello, world. VIOILA! I am back on press.

It’s been a while… Now I am here again. This time I want to really honor my sense of be-longing and true essence of well-being. So… here we go! My very own intent is to simply enjoy my slow time during this pandemics-fatigued era as you might call it a “restorative pause” 🙂

…to rest and arrive…

This is also a place to drop in my internal inventory – I bow to what life has offered me for the past twenty-five years and I know this is only one of the “shooting star(t)” moments – an opportunity to invite more peace and feel revitalized in times of transformations.

Following the flow of allowing myself to be and making room for the memories to unfold – I feel a deeper calling to respond to my inner thirst for wisdom in all living beings as an ongoing practice to let go & begin again.

The way I would carry on my content is a Journey to Soul – it manifested in each refreshed ‘arriving moment’ to make peace with myself and in all areas of my life.

To keep things simple and afresh – in one way or another, those introspections are both rejoicing the lap of nature and being distilled in honoring of embracing-it-all.

in appreciation of…

Awakening. Wholeness. Echos… Distill.


Remembering. Oneness. Simplicity. Equanimity.

With warmth and gratitude. January 5, 4:53pm (CST)

Header photo by Rose @Amherst, MA
7/29/2017 2:39 PM

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