My journey to Soul is a supra-unlimitedness frequency to the wisdom of the heart. This compiled a messy work that includes enhanced intuition and clairvoyance, embodied alignment with crystal clarity, inner child integration, and self-transcendence. Over the past eight months, I have created this Sacred Nourishment that propelled me to revive my self-soothe, rejuvenate & reinvent what deeply resonated from the stillness of the mind. It felts like peeling back the onion, with all the bitter-sweetness, forbearance, and tenacity coming out in its own right It certainly has not been the pretty canvas that I would have imagined in my rosy picture. Yet, somehow all the headwind allows me to come home to myself amidst ever-evolving processes of self-inquiry.

In brief, this below serves the purpose of healing arts I’ve gleaned through the depth of my internal compass during these discoverable transitions. It is also a vibrational manifesting tantamount to the guiding voice of the magnetic truth (of who I am becoming) at the core. I hope to bring this treasure trove of self-mastery resources – an unwavering inner fountain to chart my own unique path forward in times of anchoring and ready to champion your Life fulfillment as well.

In honor of all present moments, do you want to feel an inner radiance that simply shines outward with openness and trust? Do you want to experience what infinite possibilities hold in your unfolding field of synchronicities?






Implosion 4 (Florries Laugh), 2015
Beth Barron, Saint Paul, MN, USA

Artist statement: “This is the 4th in a series of mandalas. After literally being locked out of my home, I did not know where to go. Using found band aids, symbolic of wounding and resilience, I looked within to find the center (the heart) I had lost. I stitched together my life, a new story, a stronger map to lead me on my next journey towards home.”

Techniques: Found band aids, paint to seal the back side; Hand stitched.

Photo by Rose @The Textile Museum, Washington D.C.
8/4/2016 5:23 PM

(see below for the artwork Implosion 4)