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I am starting this fresh-from-the-oven daily devotion to honor God’s way of life. My penchant for union with God in this form is that God came to me when I was still in my mama’s womb. All the possible back praise and unspoken prayers added together—multiplied 100,000 cannot even ever pay back his mercies—streams of refreshment unto me and my entire life. God changed me, and I am not the same. In his presence, I will trust in His right Hand to lead me safely through as I bow in prayer and by writing it all out every 24-hour cycles, 53 weeks, 365 days, minister to the Lord and celebrate the blessings and favor of God—To Him be the glory both now and forever—Laus Deo.

“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”

– Psalm 139:16

Why passionfruit?

I stumbled across passionfruit when I had not learned what that was, except for its in-demand reputation in the context of the dazzling milk tea commerce in metropolitan—Beijing—from scrolling through the menu options on the cell screen to passing by the glamorizing stand-up Ads displayed from shop to shop—I was intrigued. My fascination with the artistic potential of anything and everything prompted me to dabble at an endearing bakery store. Unexpectedly, I got my introductory passionfruit in a cool, grab-and-go beverage imbued with urban buzz energy. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. While taking a sip, I remember a tincture of tartness and stinging, sheltering my palate piquantly. And that was a good comfort in the scorching heat waves of 90+. Yet only had I got a second wind from my very actual passionfruit tasting, I was convinced. Far from a passion-fruit-like drink wrapped in plastic, though, at first glance, the unassuming exterior expression would faintly make one believes the wondrous treasures hidden within…

Instead, right off the bat, the oh em gee acidity tasted like heaven as I relished it—a source of deeply felt pure—freeing. Simultaneously, the penetrating sourish is as if it can shake up the entire roof, the floor of my mouth, and everything in between. Overlaying the ripe savor as it was as likely as not to color my teeth and taste buds instantly in tangerine-apricot hue and pigment. Captivated by its marvelous aftertaste and interior expression, transcends mere visible reality—it piqued my interest. So I did a little more research and geeked out on its passiflora’s enthralling backstory and symbolic significance, of course, not just stylistically but fundamentally, which put a warm smile on my heart… 😊

What a breath of new life! This holy (wholly)-fruit encounter—dripping with wonder & meaning—expanded my insatiable intellectual appetite to trust in the eternal gift of God, the living hope of becoming fully alive—ABUNDANTLY—unending life when I die and overflowing life today. God made me new, I am planted in the presence of the Lord and in line with the gift of the plan (of redemption) inspired by heaven—boundless love and exceeding faithfulness are all inextricably intertwined. Indeed, God’s love guided me to blaze trails through trying and shine forth with the light he has shown me. His sacrifice calls me to work at living out that meaning in a deeper way every day to be fully alive in Christ Jesus. God is love, and Christ alone is the reason. 

The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree, he will grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still yield fruit in old age; they shall be full of sap and very green.

– Psalm 92:12-14

Growing in grace while becoming more aware of God’s nearness, abundant life is for here and all of eternity. What an incredible promise from God’s word. Knowing that as I submit to the divine purpose, I’m stepping into everything God has in store for me. My gifts are being unwrapped—I’m walking in my (miscellaneous) gifts in the way of life that favors God’s plan. I will thrive and be fruitful for God’s kingdom, and the gifts of God are taking me somewhere. Let alone, the Holy Spirit put me in a new (vibrant) self and lets me walk deeper with Jesus—humbly. All my life is his testimony. He put a new song (of hope) in my heart and cheered my soul to let me trust differently, to listen and discern differently. Beyond any doubt, I’m yearning to serve my gift that works for God’s direction every day—yes, every day, to experience a new way to live, experience the fullness of God in my journey of faith, for as long as I live until my last breath, for the glory of God. With that said, may 2023 be an ardent, passionate-filled, fruitful year brimming with heart fulfillment and the hope of becoming luminously—ALIVE. Fill me today with your Spirit. Amen.

Passionfruit New Year’s Day prayer

Dear Abba Father,

Thank You for your many blessings over the last year. Only Your Divine Grace, I cannot thank you enough for all your unconditional provision, protection, unwavering faithfulness, and mercies that I do not deserve to have. You are with me at all times and in all places. I thank you that I never have to go through life alone. You join me in celebration and walk beside me in times of difficulty and stress. You are steadfast in love and grace. I’m grateful for all your redemption, salvation, wisdom & for your helping hand that brought gentle, cheerful & uplifting spirits into my life; I especially want to thank Sis Grace, Brother Qi Xue, Sis Julia, Brother Jude, Sis Shalom, Brother Seun, and Sis Cyndi who shepherded me in my relationship with Jesus. So many blessings!!! May the peace and joy of the Lord and all blessings surround them and their families during this special time of the year and beyond.

Gracious Father of Glory, I come to you in this brand new year with a desire to move forward, not backward. I’m eager to put the past behind me and press on toward the mark of knowing you, serving you, and making Your name known this coming year. O Lord of Life, my guide, my protector, and my provider, You know what I face even though I do not know my future path or what that might look like. So, I come to you in faith, claiming the promise of your word. I cannot do this alone, but I can do it with you. Take me with you because all I know is I’m still in your hands, and you are guiding me. I pray for a life-changing year and thank you for all you will do in the coming days. The Holy Spirit, show me your Way, divine comfort, and plan. I’m in a season of leaping—exponential personal growth! Help me depend on your power when I’m tempted to live in my own strength. I pray this through the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen. 🎁🎁🎁🙏🙏🙏

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