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Passionfruit Devotion 8/53

I Surrender - Tasha Cobbs Leonard 2 月 19 日 — 2 月 25 日 🐟 默 想 经 文 分 享Bible Verse Meditating, 19 February - 25 February, 2023 25 乐 善 好 施 的 人 , 必 得 丰 裕 ; 施 惠 于 人 的 , 自 己 也 必 蒙 施 惠 … Continue reading Passionfruit Devotion 8/53


Keeper Of My Heart - Avalon Leanback. One word, two syllables, eight letters, encasing unfolding meaning, literally and figuratively—lean-back as position as well as ongoing burden-easing processes, as paradoxical as it sounds. Leanback summarized the crux of my holy leisure, which is baked into mental sanity and emotional hygiene, inseparable from clear-eyed, uncluttered headspace—of being … Continue reading Leanback

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The paradigm I used to get by leaving me to paddle my own canoe. What if the choice that once occupied ceased to settle? What if the choice is a signpost leads me to the firmament? What if the choice is a true blessing for a fresh pasture? What if the choice as an internal answer gives rise to a new destiny? ✨

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Passionfruit Devotion 6/53

Who You Are - Minister GUC 2 月 5 日 — 2 月 11 日 🐟 默 想 经 文 分 享Bible Verse Sharing, 5 February - 11 February, 2023 17 你 们 既 称 那 不 偏 待 人 、 按 各 人 行 为 审 判 人 的 主 为 父 , 就 当 … Continue reading Passionfruit Devotion 6/53

The pet dove

Passionfruit Devotion 5/53

Stand - Donnie McClurkin 1 月 29 日 — 2 月 4 日 🐟 默 想 经 文 分 享Bible Verse Sharing, 29 January - 4 February, 2023 9 他 们 唱 新 歌 , 说 :“ 你 配 拿 书 卷 , 配 揭 开 七 印 , 因 为 你 曾 被 杀 , … Continue reading Passionfruit Devotion 5/53