bird flying over the sunset

My chest is congested
I feel trapped by fears
Nothing else to add on
Constant over-or-under
make me feel
less than
as though spinning a cocoon
but hell no, that’s not me

It’s my thinking mind
at work
I want it to stop, to slow down
to call it a day
I rolled over onto my side
I curled up
to pray
I stared at the empty ceiling
so one more minute in bed
let it get off my chest, just be

I have no shame in speaking about
my past mistakes
even if they are more or less relevant to
my current
it’s best to keep them at a safe distance
for the sake of keeping my eyes on the road
Freeing my head, imagining
—what kind of relationship would actually
and feed
my soul

Upon hitting the 6:55 snooze
dozing off again when 1/2 of the day
has long passed
I might not have been
dreaming of what I had
I heard the lousy narrative
that brought me
so piercing that it just keeps
tugging at my

silhouette of woman near cliff
micro photo of yellow flower

My subliminal mind reveals the inner truth,
for it was fear
that is what I feared of
that propelled me to act, to decide, to run away
I do not know what’s gonna be
I do not know where’s heading to
I do not know who I will be with
I say what I want to say
from the heart
not in the eyes of the others
who would expect what I say
or function
in their desires
I am not a puppet

Then you ask, “what do you want?”
I say I want me and my life back
—that I may live fully
to move forward is to think forward
It is about time
better late than never
to make an
for the mind, God’s Spirit
and myself. ✨


Keep your eyes focused on what is right, and look straight ahead to what is good. Be careful what you do, and always do what is right.

Proverbs 4:25-26 New Century Version (NCV)
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