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Love Is A MiracleFrom a young age, my hunger for knowledge about individuals from all walks of life has been insatiable. I immersed myself in both personal accounts and historical biographies of those who have contributed to the progress of mankind and society as a whole. Their exceptional accomplishments and the positive impact they had … Continue reading Testimony


If what I learned from this process can be summed up in three: that there is always something to be learned from trying, things always work out for the best, and love always prevails... God's "NO" is not a rejection but a re-direction. And I am surrendering to this process—with unflinching candidness AND a triumph of infinite hope...

Nocturnal melancholia

My penchant for the embodied pathways to self-healing & wisdom through the direct-intuitive experience of the mysteries and the majestic of the Wild is where my soul path is. As a devoted seeker, I am on my Way to fathoming innate liberty that is inherently untethered and potent, like dandelion seeds, bloom wilder into the limitless sense of wonder, to the miraculous vibration of serenity and enlightenment again...

Restless Soul. Dislocated Heart. Unmendable love.

I decided to congregate, if not all, what I had been traversing at the cellular level of human (soul) experiences into one, compounded, and just a bit stretched title. A chunk of restlessness, prolonged tunneling of displacement, and some cascade of undescribable nuances occupied the heart of my heart as if unfettered inner flames that never burnt off...


This essay intended to respond to Pachirat’s kill floor – “a place that is no place,” the highly manual labored and ‘automated violence’ to what seemingly indulgent food product - packaged meat, in relation to supermarkets and fast-food restaurants. Further, this essay was written and propelled by the distilled inquiries from documentaries such as Dominion (2018), Slaughterhouse - What … Continue reading Concealment


“A tree is a passage between earth and sky.”― Richard Powers, The Overstory 玫瑰拍摄于汉普郡学院 picture taken at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 此刻的你也许正在用手指和屏幕的接触打开了一扇即将带你触摸“森林外衣”的窗户,透过屏幕,是你那颗饱满的好奇的心灵的“窗户”,希望在这里得到滋润和共振。如果你觉得舒适的话,可以先将双手放在和视线水平的高度,轻轻合十,上下摩擦,再用温暖的双手稍稍拱起至双眼(你那明亮的窗户),注意气息,心底里,“5——,4——,3——,2——,1——”,打开“窗户”,放松并活动手指,现在的你,准备好了吗? “Trees have long been trying to reach us. But they speak on frequencies too low for people to hear.” ― Richard Powers, The Overstory 玫瑰拍摄于马萨诸塞州picture taken in Amherst, MA 2017 提及森林,我们并不陌生,脑海中或多或少都能浮现出那一抹自己心中投射着的“森林的模样”,它也许有着独特的色彩和姿态,或质地柔软如羊毛,或坚硬粗糙,抑或翩翩起舞,可亲爱的朋友,你想象中的那片森林还好吗?在过去的一周,你有“接触”到它的“外衣”吗? “You and the tree in your … Continue reading 你可曾触摸森林的外衣?


“ 有时候,我不能把眼前的美好的时间牺牲在任何工作中,无论是脑的或手的工作。我爱给我的生命留有更多余地。有时候,在一个夏天的早晨里,照常洗过澡之后,我坐在阳光下的门前,从日出坐到正午,坐在松树,山核桃树和黄栌树中间,在没有打扰的寂寞与宁静之中,凝神沉思,那时鸟雀在四周唱歌,或默不做声地疾飞而过我的屋子,直到太阳照上我的西窗,或者远处公路上传来一些旅行者的车辆的辚辚声,提醒我时间的流逝。我在这样的季节中生长,好像玉米生长在夜间一样,这比任何手上的劳动好得不知多少了。这样做不是从我的生命中减去了时间,而是在我通常的时间里增添了许多,还超产了许多。” ——《瓦尔登湖》篇章声节选 此刻2021年1月18日。 回忆把我带回到了近一年零五个月以前的瓦尔登湖。那个夏日的傍晚我曾奔赴一场别样的森林演唱会——在被雨水浸润的包裹着的静谧的林荫小道里哼着绿色的旋律,在绵绵细雨下品味遥远年代里梭罗的生活状态和他对自然真切的体悟⋯ In wildness is the preservation of the world. -Henry David Thoreau 紫玫瑰拍摄于瓦尔登湖,2019年8月21日 外面的世界安静得很,似乎在小憩。我没有携带雨具,便是淋湿了。在雨水的冲刷下,也竟感觉洗净了倦了的身体。身边的游客寥寥无几,兴许是下雨的缘故;脚步的声音似乎都能够听到,徐徐探行中把烦恼抛到了脑后。或许自然母亲的用意难以揣摩,绿色的雨帘缓缓的随着渐行渐远的足迹延伸到了森林的怀抱中。仔细听,那是蛐蛐的独奏,雨滴和叶子的摩擦激荡了一番生动的交响乐——时而紧凑时而松缓,时而清朗,时而柔和.....末夏的雨水和湖面的敲击形成了更加环绕的立体音响,驻足密林深处仿佛也可以听到那富有韵律的充盈和流动。林子里蠢蠢欲动的小昆虫似乎也一展身手——不远处的螳螂挥舞着它的大刀突然从树叶的夹缝中“噌”的一跃跳到了泥泞小路的正中,像是在热情的打招呼——定睛一看,嚯!还有一小撮知了的羽翼在它的阔斧中,正享受着战利品的螳螂奏了一翻独特的插曲。路边的野花伸展着它们灿烂的胸怀正在迎接那闻声赶来的蜂鸟一起弹奏着和翩翩雨滴编织的舞蹈伴乐。瞧,那还有松鼠正搬动着好大一颗松果,小心翼翼的保护着它的宝贝,和雨水密集的主旋律竟也分辨不出是谁在唤醒沉睡的谁......闭上眼睛,深呼一口气——潮湿空气的间隙里,是蘑菇从土壤里崭露头角的气息。温柔的风把树上棕红的树叶“簌簌”的像打滚儿似的降到了搬运工小蚂蚁的背上,它抖了抖身子,敏捷的转了个圈儿又继续向前了...... "To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe - to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it - is a wonder beyond words." … Continue reading 森林“悦”动之绿色的祝福

Health Literacy Synthesis

What is the relationship between communication, the physician/patient relationship, shared decision making and health literacy? picture taken at backyard, Amherst, MA8/6/2017 10:20 AM Effective communication in a clinical context contributes to health literacy. Healthcare decisions are the result of health literacy, which is the process of choosing between courses of action from interpretation to evaluating … Continue reading Health Literacy Synthesis

Notes and Reflections from Humanizing the Food Systems Conference, Baltimore, MD November 9-11, 2017

picture taken at Lord Baltimore Hotel, MD, USA 2017 What makes food good in addition to affordability, ingredients, flavors, tastes, freshness,locality and labor, is the trusting relationship, which including the process of ‘knowing’ ourselves and how we relate to others towards the common good and shared goals. I was intrigued by the theme of this … Continue reading Notes and Reflections from Humanizing the Food Systems Conference, Baltimore, MD November 9-11, 2017

The Ultimate Competition

The ultimate competition is self-transcending. And the ultimate winning is mutual complementarity. picture taken at Pratt Field, Amherst College, MA I run in track all my life. I started to run for competition since in elementary school. At that time I enjoyed running, especially with a group of my peers. We ran collectively and accountably. … Continue reading The Ultimate Competition

Identity? Ego? Happiness?

   picture taken at Norwottuck Rail Trail, Northampton, MA 2017 Today I felt enlightened after chat with Tahn Pamutto, a Theravadin Buddhist monk who wandered freely throughout the countryside. I saw him in October with a group of Amherst students on our way to Temple Forest Monastery. At that time, he was wandering in Jaffrey in … Continue reading Identity? Ego? Happiness?

Respond to The Plenty of Paradox

picture taken at Route 116, Amherst, MA8/21/2017 6:52 AM People live in different “standards” through the eyes of the others. I personally don’t think it is necessary to be able to get the right answer or argue if things are going right or wrong. How to cultivate a peaceful heart and manage the feelings in … Continue reading Respond to The Plenty of Paradox

My Experience with Acupuncture Treatment

Rose Wang           Liza Birnbaum English Writing 112 30 November 2014 Acupuncture has been both culturally and historically a part of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2000 years. To understand what acupuncture is, we simply separate the word, acupuncture. The prefix acuate, means both “sharp” and “needle, while the word puncture, means “to make a … Continue reading My Experience with Acupuncture Treatment