rainbow over rippling sea in nature


The paradigm I used to get by leaving me to paddle my own canoe. What if the choice that once occupied ceased to settle? What if the choice is a signpost leads me to the firmament? What if the choice is a true blessing for a fresh pasture? What if the choice as an internal answer gives rise to a new destiny? ✨

Passionfruit Devotion 4/53

Never Lost - Elevation Worship feat. feat. Tauren Wells 1 月 22 日 — 1 月 28 日 🐟 默 想 经 文 分 享Bible Verse Sharing, 22 January - 28 January, 2023 12 所 以 , 你 们 既 是 神 的 选 民 、 圣 洁 蒙 爱 的 人 , 就 要 … Continue reading Passionfruit Devotion 4/53


in the season of holy leisure—doing nothing, for the sake of being in the presence of GOD cradled in a place of unimagined blessing from head to heart to the hands—all-encompassing it is time to savor and serve my gift—for good relishing a Spirit-led, Divinely designed, God-given lavishly loved, sacred story of grace, and joy-filled life unescorted by fear-fueled false narratives—to be truly free.

Passionfruit Devotion 2/53

—IN DEVOTION TO PASSIONFRUIT DAILY PRAYER SOMETHING TO SHOUT ABOUT - UR FLAMES 1 月 8 日 — 1 月 14 日 — 周 感 动 经 文 分 享Bible Verse Sharing, 08 January - 14 January, 2023 所 以 ,我 们 既 得 了 不 能 震 动 的 国 , 就 当 感 … Continue reading Passionfruit Devotion 2/53


Captivated by its marvelous aftertaste and interior expression, transcends mere visible reality; not until recently I geeked out on its passiflora's enthralling backstory and symbolic significance—of course, not just stylistically, but fundamentally, it put a warm smile on my heart...💜


https://youtu.be/8ApW0yDKTf4 FREEDOM with Sebastian Junger Unconditional - Jennifer WelwoodWilling to experience aloneness,I discover connection everywhere;Turning to face my fear,I meet the warrior who lives within;Opening to my loss,I gain the embrace of the universe;Surrendering into emptiness,I find fullness without end.Each condition I flee from pursues me,Each condition I welcome transforms meAnd becomes itself transformedInto its … Continue reading Miscellaneous


https://youtu.be/xFrGuyw1V8s Abba - Dancing Queen “Your current situation is not your final destination.” - Trent Shelton Photo by Rose @Northeastern University, Boston, MA9/26/2016 5:50 AM “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Photo by Rose @Hatfield, MA 6/23/2017 3:29 PM “ We can’t always … Continue reading Dance

A Journey To Soul [scrabbling-part 2]

Photo by Rose @NOFA Summer ConferenceUMass Amherst, MA, USA With so much unpredictability in life, the only thing we could control is our own mentalities and attitudes towards the unknown, uncertainties, and emotional turmoils. Perspective matters. Understanding is the key.Trust and love can heal everything, in all circumstances. Time is not the only remedy for … Continue reading A Journey To Soul [scrabbling-part 2]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-3vPxKdj6o%3Ffeature%3Doembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http%3A%2F%2Fsafe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=375 Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway  Grew up in a small townAnd when the rain would fall downI’d just stare out my windowDreaming of what could beAnd if I’d end up happyI would pray Trying hard to reach outBut when I tried to speak outFelt like no one could hear meWanted to belong hereBut something felt … Continue reading Breakaway