rainbow over rippling sea in nature


The paradigm I used to get by leaving me to paddle my own canoe. What if the choice that once occupied ceased to settle? What if the choice is a signpost leads me to the firmament? What if the choice is a true blessing for a fresh pasture? What if the choice as an internal answer gives rise to a new destiny? ✨

Inner Fountain

In honor of all present moments, do you want to feel an inner radiance that simply shines outward with openness and trust? Do you want to experience what infinite possibilities hold in your unfolding field of synchronicities?

A Door to Possibilities

I am so grateful for living in a Dream place where I could create its own unique characters & Call it a Home Vision, perspective, efficacy, perception, focus, ability to pivot these importantfeatures, as well as consciousness, are the catalysts of being open-heart, growing resilience and harvesting real joyfulness. photo by Rose @home, Amherst, MA11/18/2017 … Continue reading A Door to Possibilities