in the season of holy leisure—doing nothing, for the sake of being in the presence of GOD cradled in a place of unimagined blessing from head to heart to the hands—all-encompassing it is time to savor and serve my gift—for good relishing a Spirit-led, Divinely designed, God-given lavishly loved, sacred story of grace, and joy-filled life unescorted by fear-fueled false narratives—to be truly free.

Lonely is the Night Lory ( Bonnie ) Bianco - Lonely is the night - My newfound soul-voice singer– Lory (Bonnie) Bianco. (woohoooo!!) Plus, my favorite songs of hers: Bonnie Bianco - Straight From Your Heart BONNIE BIANCO - The heart is a lonely hunter Lory ( Bonnie ) Bianco - If I once fall … Continue reading Lonely is the Night