Keeper Of My Heart - Avalon Leanback. One word, two syllables, eight letters, encasing unfolding meaning, literally and figuratively—lean-back as position as well as ongoing burden-easing processes, as paradoxical as it sounds. Leanback summarized the crux of my holy leisure, which is baked into mental sanity and emotional hygiene, inseparable from clear-eyed, uncluttered headspace—of being … Continue reading Leanback

rainbow over rippling sea in nature


The paradigm I used to get by leaving me to paddle my own canoe. What if the choice that once occupied ceased to settle? What if the choice is a signpost leads me to the firmament? What if the choice is a true blessing for a fresh pasture? What if the choice as an internal answer gives rise to a new destiny? ✨


in the season of holy leisure—doing nothing, for the sake of being in the presence of GOD cradled in a place of unimagined blessing from head to heart to the hands—all-encompassing it is time to savor and serve my gift—for good relishing a Spirit-led, Divinely designed, God-given lavishly loved, sacred story of grace, and joy-filled life unescorted by fear-fueled false narratives—to be truly free.

Integrative health & wellbeing resources

China Roses - Enya “Blessings” with Br. David Steindl-Rast [Book] Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier [Book] The Gift of Loving-Kindness: 100 Meditations on Compassion, Generosity, and Forgiveness [Book] Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditating In Nature STOP and SLOW: Self-Care and Compassion Practice for Educators Sam Harris … Continue reading Integrative health & wellbeing resources

Nocturnal melancholia

My penchant for the embodied pathways to self-healing & wisdom through the direct-intuitive experience of the mysteries and the majestic of the Wild is where my soul path is. As a devoted seeker, I am on my Way to fathoming innate liberty that is inherently untethered and potent, like dandelion seeds, bloom wilder into the limitless sense of wonder, to the miraculous vibration of serenity and enlightenment again...

Restless Soul. Dislocated Heart. Unmendable love.

I decided to congregate, if not all, what I had been traversing at the cellular level of human (soul) experiences into one, compounded, and just a bit stretched title. A chunk of restlessness, prolonged tunneling of displacement, and some cascade of undescribable nuances occupied the heart of my heart as if unfettered inner flames that never burnt off...


Q: "What do you do for a living?" A: "I Am A Souldier." Q: "How is that meant for you?" A: "It meant by protecting my soul (purpose), I'd set myself free." Q: "Why do you want to set yourself free?" A: "To connect with my true essence and bloom into my fullest self-expression - that is unconfined by the fraction of perception."


The season seems to gear up as well as the body – energy flows like the unfrozen lake; you asked, “what is it feel like to be alive?” I said, “when you are feeling vibrant and rooted in your inner sanctum?” “hmmm, but how would that be possible when you are so unconvinced by the degree of the relational blockages?” “that’s life, don’t fake it until you make it, but break it until you make it.”


With a recent interaction, the nuances between monologue and self-talk seem to be a matter of amplified self-preservation. However, without unpacking those hardwired self-beliefs, the gravity of habitual thinking will likely orbit in its own programmatic fashion, which overlaid the ultimate source of suffering, pains, and afflictions. The notion of attachments perhaps would precisely be highlighted how the mind is used to operating and being conditioned through the lens of discontentment. It is not all who we are and how we want to be remembered at the end of the day, but the comfort of the mental model is that everything yet nothing at all when it comes to purity of giving, in any way, anywhere, truly be free from our desires…


picture taken at Baltimore Museum of Art, MD, USA2/14/2016 1:40 PM Vibrations are contagious. They are the touchstones of the Spiritual family that meant to spark the Soul of the beholders. ~ Rose Wang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEHdMn-JkJ0 The Law Of Vibration EXPLAINED (Raise Your Frequency)| Willow Smith, Jahnavi & Jay Shetty Today I went down a rabbit … Continue reading Soul-provoking


“A tree is a passage between earth and sky.”― Richard Powers, The Overstory 玫瑰拍摄于汉普郡学院 picture taken at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 此刻的你也许正在用手指和屏幕的接触打开了一扇即将带你触摸“森林外衣”的窗户,透过屏幕,是你那颗饱满的好奇的心灵的“窗户”,希望在这里得到滋润和共振。如果你觉得舒适的话,可以先将双手放在和视线水平的高度,轻轻合十,上下摩擦,再用温暖的双手稍稍拱起至双眼(你那明亮的窗户),注意气息,心底里,“5——,4——,3——,2——,1——”,打开“窗户”,放松并活动手指,现在的你,准备好了吗? “Trees have long been trying to reach us. But they speak on frequencies too low for people to hear.” ― Richard Powers, The Overstory 玫瑰拍摄于马萨诸塞州picture taken in Amherst, MA 2017 提及森林,我们并不陌生,脑海中或多或少都能浮现出那一抹自己心中投射着的“森林的模样”,它也许有着独特的色彩和姿态,或质地柔软如羊毛,或坚硬粗糙,抑或翩翩起舞,可亲爱的朋友,你想象中的那片森林还好吗?在过去的一周,你有“接触”到它的“外衣”吗? “You and the tree in your … Continue reading 你可曾触摸森林的外衣?

Inner Fountain

In honor of all present moments, do you want to feel an inner radiance that simply shines outward with openness and trust? Do you want to experience what infinite possibilities hold in your unfolding field of synchronicities?

Mindful Wisdom 02

Photo by Rose @Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, Washington D.C.7/10/2015 10:33 AM Mindfulness & meditation has become the essence of my non-striving & conscious living practice. The world is full of chaos and uncertainty, but we can be in peace knowing that God has us in the palm of His mighty hands. This brings peace and … Continue reading Mindful Wisdom 02

Mindful Wisdom 01

Photo by Rose @The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C.8/4/2016 5:53 PM(see below about the artwork Out of Africa: Primal Diaspora) On possibility - possibility does not wait, it always already there for us. In the Spirit of generosity, I wanted to share with you this groundbreaking words of wisdom (wow) series from my inner battery to … Continue reading Mindful Wisdom 01